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What is your image about Bangladesh -The Land of Smiles? Some may not know even where it is. Bangladesh is one of the few beautiful small countries in South Asia which remains yet to be explored. People travel all over the world yet it is a rare country known so little about it. Nature has bestowed it with all the beautiful shades of green. This largest delta rises from the Bay of Bengal and does up to the footsteps of the west, north and east with India, a little strip of the south-east is connected with Myanmar. Bangladeshis chock-a-block of different culture and heritage and changes your values upside down. It's land of enormous beauty, hundreds of serpentine rivers, crystal clear water lakes surrounded by ever green forested hills, luxuriant tropical rain forest .beautiful cascades of green tea gardens, world's largest mangrove forest of Sundarbans, the home of Royal Bengal tiger, longest natural sandy sea beach of Cox's Bazar, the unseen relics of long-forgotten Buddhist kingdoms, the archaeological wonder with the biggest Buddhist Vihara at Paharpur and the ancient civilization with cultural heritage Bangladesh is boldly stepping towards the prime attraction of eco tourism world. The warm hospitality with broad smile of Bangladeshi people is legendary. Traveling in Bangladesh offers you unusual experiences of discovery.

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About Tropical Expeditions

Tropical Expeditions is one of the most leading Tour Operator and Destination Management Company in the private sector located in Dhaka. We are a group of tourism professionals, who constitute the "Tropical Expeditions" and committed to extend our best assistance to our clients, coming from all over the world and from the local market. Since 2001 our company has been providing tourism and travel related services in Bangladesh and the South-East Asia region to individuals and corporate clients.

Within this short span of time, we have earned a remarkable impetus by providing various travel related services to our clients. Today, our employees are dedicated to providing the best tourism related service, including travel advice, transport, ticketing and permission related assistance. We have developed our logistics in the form of transports, boats, resorts and branch offices. Our selection of destinations is as diverse as our customers. All our offers are tailor-made and cater to their special interests and requirements. It may kindly be noted that we are mainly acting as tour operator and ground handling agent and our expertise in conducting various tour programs at unbeatable rates has already earned us a very good reputation with our clients both at home and abroad.

Presently, we have English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Italian, German, French & Spanish Language guides and interpreter for our potential tourists. We have specialized particularly in Eco, Cultural and Heritage tourism in Bangladesh. Bangladesh has a strong background of these products which is unique in this part of the world. We provide all kinds of logistic support for any research team, film maker or media.

We are working to make Bangladesh an incredible diversity of attractions for travelers. We provide detailed and up to date travel information, tailor-made itineraries for a wide range of destinations in and around Bangladesh, and reliable logistical services including knowledgeable multi-lingual guides, transport & accommodation facilities. Our services and facilities are developed in collaboration with local communities and in harmony with the environment.

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